Due to the current situation‭, ‬Green Cedar Lebanon has decided‭ ‬to turn its environmental mobile bus into a Santa Claus vehicle‭. ‬

We will use it to offer used toys and clothes as well as food on the‭ ‬21st‭, ‬22nd, and 23rd of December in Beirut’s most deprived areas‭. ‬

This goes along with our recycling campaign and will be a small‭ ‬much-needed contribution to draw a smile on so many faces in‭ ‬these difficult times‭.‬

If you are interested kindly contact us at‭:‬
03‭ ‬691369‭ ‬Michèle‭  ‬
03‭ ‬343683‭ ‬Rania‭ ‬
03‭ ‬777069‭ ‬Maya‭
76‭ ‬096690‭ ‬Mayane
03‭ ‬234006‭ ‬Lara‭ / ‬Pascale
81‭ ‬626762‭ ‬Cathy‭‬
03‭ ‬689955‭ ‬Micha
03 314 531 Nelly

All donated items must be in good shape

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