Green Cedar Lebanon contributed in the purchase of two helicopters for firefighting with the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and the private sector in Lebanon in 2009.
On 2 June 2099, Lebanon received its first-ever Sikorski helicopter as part of the Interior Ministry”s “Forever Green” fundraising campaign to help fight forest fires during summertime.
Launched in 2008, the campaign aims to raise funds from the private sector and civil society to purchase fire-extinguishing helicopters and other necessary equipment. In March, “Forever Green” was able to raise $200,000 in donations.
Interior Minister Ziad Baroud and Public Works and Transportation Minister Ghazi al-Aridi later flew in the helicopter to Baabda Palace where a symbolic “ignition” key was handed over to President Michel Suleiman. Baroud praised collaboration between the ministries, civil society and private sector to “realize this project.” He said the purchase of fire-fighting equipment helps civil defense forces become “more efficient in responding to fires.”

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