Green Cedar Lebanon and Beyond Magazine in partnership with the UNDP launched the first environmental project: “Droppy‘s Adventures: Water Conservation Story”.
The story aims at educating young kids in a simple manner on the essential role water plays in our lives. It is a story of a kid who has an adventure with a magic “Droppy” that gives him tips and teaches him simple actions to conserve water at home. It is written in three languages (Arabic, English and French)
The production of 30,000 copies of this story was made possible as a result of the combined effort between UNDP, BankMed, Green Cedar Lebanon, and BEYOND Magazine.
This partnership is part of their previously signed Memorandum of Understanding on March 2012 which includes a series of activities in-line with achieving goal 7 “environment sustainability” of the Millennium Development Goals, this story being the first completed activity.

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