The inspiration behind the «Dessine moi un Cèdre» exhibition comes from the love of the cedar tree that is rooted in every Lebanese heart.

This majestic tree means many different things to each and every one of us. It is the national emblem of Lebanon and the center of the Lebanese flag. It is a symbol of our history and national pride. For many, it is as much a reflection of our survival instinct and resilient spirit as it is the emblem of our glorious natural environment.

Green Cedar Lebanon invited some of Lebanon’s most talented artists to interpret the cedar in their own personal ways. This nonprofit initiative aims to share the resulting works of art with the public while the money collected from the sold artworks will go to plant a new cedar forest in Kfardebian. By planting the «Artists’ Forest» we will be celebrating the cedar tree and Lebanon’s talents while ensuring that our Lebanon regains its lost green beauty.

Green Cedar Lebanon is proud to present an exceptional art exhibition: “Dessine moi un Cèdre” to celebrate the national emblem of Lebanon on the International Tree Day.

This event aims to collect funds to plant a cedar tree forest in the Lebanese mountains. Accordingly, all pieces of art shall be sold during the exhibition and all profits shall be donated to planting the forest which will be called the “The Artist’s Forest”.

This event promises a very fitting start to the year 2019 and will be the first of many future events organized by Green Cedar Lebanon to make Lebanon green again.

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