Laudi Abilama


Laudi Abilama is an Artist and Printmaker based between England and Lebanon. In 2012 she completed an Artist residency at The Mosaic Rooms in London. Abilama’s series «The Great Depression» was featured as part of the American University of Beirut (AUB) Bodies in Public conference. In 2015 she was interviewed by Euronews for a report about her solo exhibition entitled «Lee Kuan Yew» that took place around the time of his death. Abilama’s work has been exhibited in London, Beirut and Singapore. Her paintings can be found in important institutions and private collections around the world including the Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore.

From an Art Work

The Female Cone

46 x 37 cm

Pigment and acrylic on paper


Well known characteristics of the  ‘Cedrus Libani’ are its female cones that sit heavily on branches growing skywards. In the months where resin oozes out of her cracks, the male pollen is blown into the cone to fertilise seeds in her ovules inducing the
female cone to tumble to the ground. This is the symbol of the life of a Lebanese cedar tree and the course that grants its vulnerable survival.

To a Tree