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Lebanon Just Opened the ‘Artists’ Forest’ in Kfardebian

When that many Lebanese people of goodwill are engaged in reviving our land, nothing can stand on their way!

Even though the environment’s current situation is a concern everywhere in the world, some initiatives taken in Lebanon will definitely make a difference for our country in the long term. One of these initiatives is the inauguration of the “Artists’ Forest” by the environmental association Green Cedar Lebanon (GCL), under the patronage of Environment Minister Fadi Jreissati.

Back in March 2019, 50 Lebanese artists each exhibited an art piece inspired by the Cedar tree. The funds collected went towards planting a cedar tree forest. On August 11, 1000 cedar trees were planted in “The Artist’s forest” Kfardebian!

The campaign consisted of planting one thousand cedar trees in a barren piece of land in Kfardebian.  “The Artists’ Forest” is a contribution of Lebanese believers in the importance of preserving not only our environment but also our culture since the cedars are a symbol of our Lebanese heritage.

During the inauguration ceremony, Minister Jreissati urged everyone to take individual and collective measures to preserve the environment. He further stressed on the importance of creating a recycling project that targets the whole country.

The Minister also saluted the artists and highlighted their exerted efforts to improve Lebanon’s image to the world. He concluded that “the Cedar tree has a lot of specifications and is immortal like Lebanon.”

In addition to Minister Jreissati and GCL’s director Ms. Pascale Choueiry Saad and co-founders Lara Hanna Debs and Cathy Chami Tyan, the opening ceremony counted with the presence of the members of the GCL, members of the Lebanese Parliament General Chamel Roukoz and Eddy Maalouf, artists and environment activists.

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